How confident are you in the performance of your IT environment?

Is your Business Continuity Plan current, complete and tested regularly?

Are sufficient methods in place to monitor and control IT performance and resources?

Is the IT organization operating effectively and efficiently?

Do appropriate business relationships and visibility exist between IT and the users?

Are the IT strategy and project priorities consistent with your business strategy?

Are any IT projects showing signs of being out of control; taking too long, costing too much?

Is the IT budget predictable, affordable and under control? 

Who are we?

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What We Offer

  1. Professional ICT-based services
  2. Business analysis with an IT outcome in mind
  3. Project Management services
  4. Application Software architecture, design, development and implementation services
  5. Implementation of IT security standards
  6. Implementation of ITIL standards
  7. Technology Refresh encompassing advice on Cloud and Virtual Server Solutions
  8. Strategic Training (see training link below)

More Service Offerings

Training Division

The success or failure of any organisation is dependant on the inputs, contributions and outputs of its employees.

Employees are required to carry out their tasks effectively, diligently and productively according to their job descriptions and specifications.