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The Vantage Group is a Boutique Advisory with
Global Experience in Business Modernisation,
Independent Cloud Strategies
and Asset Management
and with a Strong Focus on
Risk, Compliance and Cost Optimisation




   About the Vantage Group

The Vantage Group is an agile information technology business consultancy with a strong local presence in its target markets and many years of applicable senior consultancy and advisory experience. The group focuses around Business Modernisation through Digital Transformation, neutral and independent Cloud strategies; IT cost optimisation and related governance, and risk and compliance requirements and practices.

The Vantage Group can draw upon both a global network of skilled and experienced senior consultants with project experience in 30+ countries across the world (especially in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia as well as enjoying privileged relationships with large global IT vendors and service providers.

The Vantage Group is headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland with subsidiaries - named Vantage Services and Vantage Systems - to service the German/Austrian and the South African/SADC markets.


Our Service Portfolio

Our service portfolio covers the following main services areas:
  • Business Modernisation Advisory with Digital Transformation
  • Cloud Enablement and Adoption Business Advisory
  • IT (Cost-) Optimisation and License Compliance Advisory
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Assessment Services
  • Programme and Project Management Services

Business Modernisation Advisory with Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation are processes to change and significantly improve how an organisation interacts with customers, suppliers and employees using existing and new technologies.

The business advisory services will be looking at how to help a business fast-track their modernisation and transformation that is required to succeed in the "New Normal" by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Digital Transformation processes.

Ultimately this is about utilising relationships with clients, employees and partners/suppliers to create additional business while reducing operational cost. This can be achieved by enhancing interactions in order to create richer and more rewarding interactions that will result in successful and long-lasting relationships to the benefit of all parties involved.

Cloud Enablement and Adoption Business Advisory

The Cloud is currently THE hot topic in Information Technology and pretty much impossible to ignore. Given that it promises a wealth of benefits, the Vantage Group strongly believes that every organisation should have a clear Cloud strategy, based on hard, complete and unbiased evaluations and facts.

This strategy will look at all applications and systems to see if, how and under what conditions they could move to the Cloud – including all applicable legal requirements.

This will give clients a comprehensive, recommended all-round Cloud strategy, with a planning, implementation and review cycle plan. Included documentation will detail applications/systems actually recommended to move and which ones should remain on-premise and why. For systems moving it would clearly outline where they should move, how they would move - including any related service impact - and when they could move.

IT (Cost-) Optimisation and License Compliance Advisory

The Optimisation and Compliance Advisory services are aiming at two areas:

On one hand there is the Software & Cloud Services Lifecycle Management and Optimisation service that is based on the traditional IT- and Software Asset Management (SAM) services that are looking at optimising IT and especially software assets and ensuring software license compliance. This has been enhanced to include existing Cloud services into the cycle - both from an optimisation and a compliance perspective.

The service looks across both technologies - on-premise and the Cloud - and potential cost benefits by deploying one versus the other when trying to optimise or legalise existing systems and applications.

The other side of the service hooks back into the Digital Transformation side to use technology available in the market to significantly improve processes, by making them more efficient, flexible and agile and at the same time more cost efficient.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Assessment Services

In today’s tightly regulated business environments there are many governance and compliance topics to adhere to, with many of them touching the ever-expanding usage of information technology systems.

All systems/application and Cloud deployments resulting from Digital Transformation processes and projects will have to happen in accordance with - often quite strict - local data protection and prevention of loss of data laws.

The Vantage Group offers a number of GRC-related services to address these challenges:
  • An IT Security Assessment, looking at both networking and IT-system security and all related practices, deployments, operational directives, business processes and procedures
  • An IT Risk Assessment taking a broader view to also include operational, system design and environmental risk factors, all based on standardised catalogues and procedures to document any inherent risks within the ongoing IT operations and weighting them based on the importance of the individual components
  • Data Protection Law compliance across business processes, applications and all forms of IT deployments to adhere to various global, regional and local regulations

Programme and Project Management Services

All of the services and initiatives offered are being assisted with a full stack of Programme and Project Management services and related support.

These services are not only offered in relation to projects by the Vantage Group in the areas above, but can also be extended to any other already ongoing projects in the business and IT space, including project under distress.


Why work with the Vantage Group?


First of all, the Vantage Group is vendor independent. All entities have no product or subscription revenue commitment with any IT vendor or Cloud services provider, allowing consulting staff to offer neutral and agnostic services and advice to clients, based on best practices obtained over many years of real-life experience.

The Vantage Group minimises project risk by deploying senior, experienced resources with many years of multi-discipline experience. Principal and senior consultants at the Vantage Group have an average of 30+ respectively 20+ years of experience, while project managers come with a wealth of global delivery experience.

Equally, the Vantage Group has access to an extensive network of partners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa consisting of
  • Trusted industry consulting partners
  • Solution delivery partners with applicable business-, applications- and technical skills
  • Global technology vendor partners to assist with the technology and Cloud infrastructures used

Projects by the Vantage Group are driven by business needs and value to the client, not by technology, or by product- and Cloud-service providers. There is also no favouring of on-premise respectively Cloud deployments as recommendations will be based on what will offer most value and benefit to the client under his particular circumstances.

The Vantage Group will use proven methodologies and project approaches, adhering to global best practices to deliver rapid and tangible results.

As such the delivery teams will always:
  • Define business KPIs
  • Define resource requirements and budgets in a comprehensive project plan
  • Strictly work along the project plan(s) to lead clients through multi-phase transformation processes with each phase being short to result in quick returns
  • Use a collaborative approach with stakeholders and other role players and contributors
  • Ensure legal requirements and regulations are being met
  • Deliver on all commitments made - deliverables, time and budget


"Global Experience and Partners,
Local Presence and Knowledge"



Please Get In Touch With Us

You may contact us via email or via telephone and we will be excited to get in touch with you to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.



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